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Agenda 42 is a charitable institution established by two Ghanians and an Englishman with the intention of providing free and renewable energy, for each and every Ghanaian, at an extremely affordable price.


The company seeks to employ three hundred year old technologies to facilitate its aspirations.

The Solar Power Station can be built and maintained with the skills of a car mechanic utilising recycled car parts.

At present the machine can develop 12kw of energy (600 light bulbs). We envisage increasing the machines output to 100kw with a relatively short development time, providing enough energy for institutions, industries and hospitals.

This technology will also provide us with the energy to implement proven hydroponic techniques, transforming barren land into prime agricultural land, increasing agricultural yields by ten fold, providing food and economic security for the farming communities and for Ghana. This will also provide the farmers with an exportable skills set.

This machine would be adapted into a desalination plant providing clean water, as a by-product it will produce salt.

We can effectively recycle human waste by turning it into fertiliser and methane gas, which would then be used in the cultivation of crops and the and the auxiliary power supply for the power stations. The fertiliser is organic and 100% free from all bacteria and used worldwide in crop cultivation. The fertiliser has a potential value of GH¢ 2 Billion per year.

Burning Methane gas and Biomass Conversion reduces the effects of global warming, thus attracting considerable Carbon Offset premiums.

We would create products, skills and technologies which would then be exportable to the developing world. This would result in Ghana being the world leader of free and renewable energy technology.


We are currently seeking a location to demonstrate the effectiveness of our technologies.

We are also seeking other agencies to collaborate with.


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